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Pre-Build Survey

Building over an existing drain or sewer poses the risk of damage being caused to pre-existing pipework, causing mass disruption. Build over or Pre Build CCTV surveys are conducted both before and after building work is completed to eliminate this risk. When planning an extension on an existing property, note that the local water authority will insist a CCTV drainage survey is conducted if any of the building work is due to take place over or near their pipes.


Do You Need a Build Over Drain Survey?

When considering building a conservatory, garage or any other extension, the local water authority will need to know about what you are planning. Since October 2011, legislation has been in place to ensure that their access to drains is not impeded and that work being completed will not affect their drainage infrastructure.

A build-over CCTV survey will help the property owner to comply with the local authority requirements and establish the location, condition, depth and size of all drainage lines.
Many sewage systems are located near private property, so when extending your home, the build over CCTV survey will establish if the development work will infringe on a public sewer network.


Thinking Of A New Driveway?

Our CCTV inspection service can check your drainage system before you have your new driveway. 

This service is available throughout Northwest. 
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